Take Good Care of Your Garments

Take Good Care of Your Garments

Bring soiled or stained clothes to the dry cleaners in Charlotte, NC

Spilling something on your nice suit doesn't mean it's ruined forever. You can bring your attire to Carolina Cleaners to completely erase any stains or spots. The dry cleaners can give your dirty clothes a whole new life. When you get your outfit back, you won't even be able to tell there ever was a spill.

We can remove stains and spots from:

  • Wedding dresses and prom dresses
  • Men's business shirts
  • Women's blouses
  • Sheets, blankets and comforters

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Nail that interview thanks to our suit dry cleaning

Everyone knows you should dress for the job you want. With our suit dry cleaning, we can eliminate stains or discoloration on your business professional attire. You'll be able to succeed in any interview or conference without feeling embarrassed by a spot on your lapel.

Almost all of our dry cleaning services are kept very low. We'll clean pants and dress shirts for just $3.99. Payment is required in advance. Some restrictions apply in the $3.99 price. Right now, we're running a special where men's shirts only cost $2.49 to clean (make sure to mention in-store/ some restrictions may apply). Walk-ins welcome!

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